Duo Plus with special guest William Castaldi

The concert is free, but a ticket and a valid Corona pass are required

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Gija Kancheli: Miniatures arrangement for soprano saxophone and piano
No.6 – Con energia, secco
No.12 – Quasi recitando
No.15 – Marcato, secco
No.11 – Con fuoco, secco

Aron Copland: “Quite city” (1957)
Arrangement by J. Brodbin Kennedy for saxophone, trumpet and piano

Andrei Eshpai: Pieces for soprano, alto saxophone and piano (2001)
– Glenn Miller’s Memoirs
– A persuasive Motive
– Nocturne
– Etude
– A Maris Song “Bard luck story”
– A Maris Song “She bas ascent to the summit of a mountain”
– Burlesque
– A piece

Jean Rivier: Concerto for alto saxophone and trumpet and piano (1954)
– Allegro burlesco
– Adagio
– Vivacissimo

There will not be tickets for this concert - please come early.
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