Current Resonance Festival: “Absynth 420”

Current Resonance presents Current Resonance Festival – The Real Imitation, four events of contemporary multimedia music in Aarhus from November 3-7.

This year’s festival theme, The Real Imitation signals a slippage between the real and imagined, the physical and virtual, the tangible and immaterial, which increasingly pervades our daily lives. It also harkens back to the rich tradition of musical imitation which continues today through diverse mimetic practices.

«Absynth 420»
7/11 | 20:00 – Klubscenen, Musikhuset Aarhus
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Current Resonance Festival concludes with a multi-channel, post-dramatic, and lucid performance.

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Dylan Richards & Joss Smith : can show anxiety in many different ways. Some may include:
Ear Flattening
Nervous licking and chewing
Loss of appetite
Programme notes
Runaway attempts
Intestinal issues

Dylan Richards : Absynth 420

Karl Zinn Hansen : Mit Eksperimentelle Toilet

Mikkel Schou, Joss Smith, Karl Zinn Hansen

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November 3 | 20.00
«The Real Imitation» Lille Sal – Musikhuset Aarhus

November 5 | 18.00
«”Idle” Hands» Lille Sal – Musikhuset Aarhus
[featuring K!ART]

November 6 | 20.00
«Iyashikei Slow Waltz vs Deepfake Gabber» Super

The project is supported by Koda Kultur, Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen and Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium.

There will not be tickets for this concert - please come early.
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