Panorama Concert – Panorama Festival 2021

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18.40: Throat – Duo for recorder and electronica
19.30: The Open-Source Orchestra – vocal chamber pop for 10 people

Part of RAMA composers Panorama Festival 2021: 9th, 16., 17. and 19. June.


Throat is the meditative and intimate contrasted with the expansive, expressive and almost quasi-religious. Organic drones break the silence one tone at a time to direct the listeners attention towards all the small details which are often lost in our ordinary listening. The tactile sounds of the air surrounding the tone, microscopic movements in pitch as well as the timbre and sound of the space/environment becomes the focal point of the music.

Throughout the last 2 years we have been travelling around Denmark to record five site specific pieces written for recorder, electronic processing and atypical acoustic environments. Each composition is based on a specific room/space that has a distinct visual and auditory quality:

1) Brønshøj Vandtårn: The massive cathedral-like building with approximately 15 seconds of reverb is shrouded in modal harmony and organ like timbres.
2) Anechoic Chamber: Extremely fast, staccato, dense and percussive rhythmic layers breaks the silence in the room without any reverberation. This piece has been recorded in Lyngby in the Anechoic Chamber owned by the Technical University of Denmark.
3) Inside: The intimate and fragile is highlighted by recording the space inside the throat of the recorder player as well as the interplay between the recorder and the piano as a resonating object. Inside was recorded in a grand piano placed at the Danish National Academy of Music placed in Esbjerg.
4) Kastelsmøllen: Mechanical, metallic and electronic timbres are contrasted with the hollow and wooden sound that characterises the recorder as an instrument and kastelsmøllen as a space. Kastelsmøllen was recorded in a wooden windmill from 1847 which is placed in Kastellet in Copenhagen.
5) Digital Spaces: Reconfigures and transforms material from the four previous pieces in to one connected whole. Thus the piece is highlighting how digital technology and the act of recording fragments, expands and changes our perception of the connections between sound, physical environment and space.

This evening you will be experiencing a live version of the 5 pieces performed on recorder and electronics.

Featuring: Jacob Ridderberg and Stine Benjaminsen.

The recording, production and release of Throat has been made possible with the generous support of Statens Kunstfond, DJBFA, Koda Kultur and Sonning-Fonden.

You can follow the music and project on:

The Open-Source Orchestra

A melding of classical and pop, the Open-Source Orchestra explores the boundaries and limitations of the two disciplines, and the connections between them. The ensemble has worked with songs written by songwriters from the Rhythmic department at RAMA to create re-imaginings with entirely classical instrumentation, avoiding the use of instruments that are traditionally associated with pop music (guitar, piano, drum kit, electronics etc.). Devised and arranged by Tom Irvine, a student on the Rhythmic Composition masters, the performance will feature songs by Christian Deichmann (Hjertebarn), Andrea Klausen, and Miriam Villekjær Lassen, alongside Tom’s own songs and compositions.

Kristian Jakob Selnes, violin
Sigrún Mary McCormick, viola
Queralt Adam Colom, cello
Clara Overby Drew, flute
Aurora Remme, oboe
Fran Rama, clarinet

Christian Deichmann
Andrea Klausen
Miriam Villekjær Lassen
Tom Irvine

There will not be tickets for this concert - please come early.
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