An Evening with Piano

Students from the Academy together with students from the talent program Gradus Junior College.

The concert is free, but a ticket and a valid Corona pass are required

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Chopin: Impromptu op. 29 nr.1 i As-dur
Moszkowski: Etude i F-dur
Agnes Gaub Pedersen

Haydn: Sonate i h-mol. Hob.XVI:32
1. Allegro moderato
Moszkowski: Etude i g-mol
Emil Dalgaard

Chopin: Ballad, g minor
Beethoven: Sonata, op. 10, nr. 3, 1. mov.
Qiqin Wang

Haydn: Sonata, c minor HobXVI:20, 1. og 2. mov.
Chopin: Polonaise op. 40 nr. 1
Roberto Martinez


Maria Szymanowska: Nocturne, Bb major
Sofus Preisel

Selim Palmgren: 3 Nocturnes
Haydn: Sonata, As major, Hob.XVI:46, 1. mov.
Schumann: From Fantasiestücke, Op. 12: Des Abends and Aufschwung
Sonja Honkamaa

Saint-Saens: Piano concert nr. 2, 2. mov.
Xuanzhu Pan

There will not be tickets for this concert - please come early.
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