Projects written by students at RAMA

Since 2012 the library has registered a lot of papers written by DJM- students.

The papers are uploaded to the library’s database as PDF files . It is only possible to read / print papers when you are logged on DJM’s network.

From the academic year 2017 we register only Master, Bachelor and Diploma Projects

How to do it

Type in the search box which type of project and field of study you want to read.
For example: bachelor project rm or master project classical.

AM (Almen musikpædagog)
D-RK (Diploma in Vocal Leadership)
D-RMB (Diplom i rytmisk musik og bevægelse)
E-MASTER (Master i Electronic Music)
GLOMAS (Master i Global Music)
IM (Den individuelle musikuddannelse)
KIMU (Professional Master og diploma in Church Music)
Klassisk (Classical)

M-RK (Professional Master in Vocal Leadership)
NOMAZZ (Master i Nordic Jazz)
RM (Rhythmic)
RMB (Rytmisk musik og bevægelse)

Bachelorprojekt; Bachelor Project
Kandidatprojekt; Master Project
Diplomprojekt; Final Project
Entreprenørskab; Entrepreneurship
Masterprojekt; Master Project
Teoretisk pædagogik rapport; Theoretical Pedagogy Project
Musikhistorieopgave; Music History Project
Pædagogisk HI-rapport;
Musikvidenskabelig teori og metode
Observationspraktik rapport; Observation Training Project
Elementær musikopdragelse; EM Training Project
Pædagogik og videnskabsteori (D-RMB)