UNM Festival – Damkapellet

Tickets will be available early August

The membership of the musical collective, Damkapellet hails from various cities across the nordic region. The collective’s pan-nordic membership and commitment to highlighting the music of those who define themselves as women, non-binary, or trans-persons are both exemplified in this concert of works for string instruments by female artists. The event begins in Godbanen’s Rå Hall with Gangverk by K.óla, and migrates into Muskihuset Aarhus’ Kammermusiksalen for the remainder of the program.

K.óla [IS] Gangverk

Heidi Hassinen [FI] Kato

Stina Tordby [SE] Within

Tytti Arola [FI] Pest

Áslaug Magnúsdóttir & Mia Ghabarou [IS] pamela angela

Tove Bagge, Irene Bianco, Oda Dyrnes, Pauline Hogstrand, Anna Jalving, Martyna Kulpinska, Kirstine Lindemann, Julija Morgan, Ida Nørby, Josefine Weber Hansen

Photo by Hipermania

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