New CD: Vaclav Mlejnik, accordion

Vaclav Mlejnik was born on the 16th January 1980 in a small city near Prague and for a long time he has lived in Prague. Václav‘s kin has accordion (button type - in the Czech Republic nearly unique, but in other countries normally used) as their traditional musical instrument so for little Václav ”there was no other choice”.

During 1994 – 2000 he was studying at the Prague Conservatory and after the absolutorium he passed entrance exams to the West-Bohemian University in Pilsen (pedagogical faculty) where he studied ”accordion playing” and ”music” so he can teach these subjects at secondary schools. He graduated in 2006.

Besides standard education, Václav has also improved his accordion skills during many master classes with: Alexandr Dmitrijev – Russian pedagogue and accordion virtuoso (1998), Paolo Pichio – Italian composer and interpret (1999) and Jytte von Rüden – professor at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark (1999, 2003 and 2005-2006 – Erasmus-Socrates program). Václav really enjoyed the cooperation with profesor Jytte von Rüden so he decided to attend postgradual studium at the Royal Academy in Aarhus, where he has also graduated in 2008.

Václav has been concerned in many national and international competitions.
Since 1997 he has constantly contested in CIA and CMA Castelfidardo competitions in Switzerland, Portugal, Italy (4x) and in Spain.
Some of his competition results:
1998: 1st place – national competition in Hořovice
1998: 2nd place – conservatory competition in Pardubice
2000: 1st place – international accordion competition in London
2000: 5th place – international accordion competition CMA in Alcobasa (Portugal)
2002: 1st place – university national competition in Prague
2004: 1st place – university national competition in Hradec Králové

He has his own concerts in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. He interprets at festivals too.

Václav has recorded two pieces for Pilzenes radio. It was in 2003 Sonata Brevis by profesor Eduard Douša (the composer dedicated this piece to Václav Mlejnik) and Partita nr. 2 by current Russian composer and interpret Vladimir Zubickij. By the year 1997 Václav has engaged himselv in pedagogical activities and he has been a member of several accordion competition juries.

CD content:
1) Vjatscheslaw Semjonow: Kalina krasnaja
2) Jean Phillippe Rameau: La Villageoise – L‘Egyptienne
3) Vladimir Zolotariev Partita nr. 1
4) Poul Rovsing Olsen: Without a Title
5) Vladimir Vlasov: Gulag – Stalin‘s Prison in Sibiria
6) Igor Schamo Morgen im Wald

The CD costs DKK 50 and can be bought by contacting the academy at [email protected]