Samuel Beckett – ‘Play’ (diffused)

- a multichannel audio-theatric experience

v. Merlyn Luke Perez-Silva

Absurdist author and playwright Samuel Beckett sought to disrupt the theatrical homogeny, reducing the cathartic role of the actor to barely-intelligible dialog under bizarre staging conditions. Beckett dreamt of removing the idea of the ‘actor’ entirely, and letting the percussive and claustrophobic nature of his prose take center stage in creating a theatric experience.

Merlyn Perez-Silva, Adjunct at RAMA, will adapt one of Beckett’s earlier theatre works, ‘Play’, into a multichannel audio-theatric experience. Interpreting both Beckett’s staging comments and his overall philosophy into a 3D sound stage, Merlyn will use a combination of voice recordings and electro-acoustic composition to express Beckett’s work over a looping, immersive sound installation, to be premiered in late Spring 2021